Stroke by McKenzi Lake

STROKE combines erotica with suspense

“Stroke is steamy, erotic, dramatic, suspenseful, emotional...all rolled into a superb read! Every turn of the page will have you holding your breath."

MESA, Ariz. – Author McKenzi Lake is an avid reader of erotica and suspense novels. So when her debut novel “Starting Block” was complete, she knew her characters’ story had to continue. Lake blends erotica and suspense in the second book of the “Starting Block” series with “Stroke”.

Trey Colton, Jace Callahan and Garrett “G.” Blake were accustomed to getting everything they wanted—in business and in pleasure.  

Jace: I had a successful business. Now I wanted more. The woman that fueled my desires. The woman that had stolen my heart. So how, when everything felt so right, could a problem resurface and send our lives spinning out of control? I'd made a promise to keep her safe and I always kept my promises. But the past has a way of coming back to haunt you. A past that now threatened to destroy our future. 

Lexi: My life had been filled with pain and heartache and only my best friend knew the depths of that pain—until now.  Now, the one person I never expected had turned my life upside down.  Jace had stolen my breath, stopped my heart and taken my body to places I didn't know existed. But Jace had told me—no barriers, no secrets. I needed to tell him. I needed to know he wouldn’t walk away.  That the secret I was hiding wouldn’t destroy us both. 

About the Author

McKenzi Lake grew up in Iowa and now resides in Mesa, Arizona. She is currently a certified retirement planning counselor for a financial firm. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends time with her husband and German shepherd by the pool or at the park. “Stroke” is her second book.