The Dark Element - Earth Opera sci-fi by Mason J. Torall

The Dark Element - Earth Opera sci-fi by Mason J. Torall

Free 5/18/2016 - 5/20/2016!

Unity took us to the stars.
The stars brought aliens to Earth.
Our trust cost us everything.

A hungry alien empire called The Collective has betrayed humanity. Earth is taken. Day-by-day, the ruthless Over-Seer harvests the planet we worked so hard to save, and only a mysterious group of individuals have found any success against him. The Elementals.

Damien Vilan is one of these human enigmas. Able to spawn black holes and even smother light, he is the first man to ever command darkness. While Damien stands lonely in the crumbling Seattle Islets alongside his adopted alien brother and an eccentric AI, the occupying aliens are hunting him.

When a botched ambush on an enemy patrol wounds Damien's brother, the trio is forced to test the weapon they've been building. If it works, it could change the downward spiral of the war, but if it fails and Damien's dangerous powers are exposed? It could bring the Over-Seer himself crashing down on them. The tyrant would love to get his hands on such a powerful man, and he'd surely use Damien to find the elusive sanctuary where other Elementals are gathering.

When every chance of success has faded with the light, who better to turn to, than the man who wields darkness?