The Life Of An Akita Chow Mix - An autobiography memoir By Avril Herbert

The Life Of An Akita Chow Mix - An autobiography memoir By Avril Herbert

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Hello my name is Rusty I am a large seventy five pound Akita Chow mix dog. I remember my days as a little cute seven pound puppy everybody thought I was so adorable people would stop to say hello and wanted to stroke me and times where good, sadly as I got older people became afraid of me for no reason because of my breeds but there was always one thing I could count on my loving family and a forever home.

I will take you on my life journey from when I was a newborn puppy with my mother and siblings to my last days with my family and I will share with you how the actions of all humans help shape our behavior.

I will share with you some off my favorite places to visit as dogs we always love new adventures but as I look back I think of some of the memories that did not make it into my story such as my family trying to train me to carry the mail or bring them my leash before a walk. As I sit here thinking of these things I’m sitting with my paw over my face shaking my head and thinking Oh wow how that training did not go to well for starters I ended my getting doggie slobber over the mail, so they got wet mail.

Animals are sent to humans for a reason and many people have forgotten why. Maybe this is why so many pets end up at shelters. Do we find you or do you find us? If you are someone who has forgotten why then the answers will be in my story. I am extremely blessed that my mother can see the world through my eyes, listen to me and tell my story for me and hopefully it may just help one of my four legged friends from being taken to a shelter.

At the end of my story make sure to read the note from my mother she will let you know how blessed she feels and talks about her own thoughts from being a mother to us to how we discriminate dogs for being certain breeds.

I will say goodbye and leave you for now but I hope to be seeing you all soon reading my story.
Love from your four legged pal