Tizzie - a heart touching historical by P.D.R. Lindsay

Tizzie - a heart touching historical by P.D.R. Lindsay

$0.99 / $1.99 (regularly $3.99) 5/11/2016 - 5/15/2016!

Families care for each other don't they? Especially when the family all work on the family farm in the Yorkshire Dales. And this is 1887, women's rights are emerging. But 'loving' families use artful schemes to trap innocents like twenty nine year-old Tizzie. She has worked so hard as a dairymaid on the farm of her 'dear' brother, Jack, his Scottish wife, Maggie, their three boys and one girl, Agnes. Expert dairymaid, gardener and housekeeper she fails to see the devious methods used to trap her.

Tizzie loves young Agnes and wants to see her complete her education to become a teacher and avoid a spinster's life of drudgery in their male-dominated world. Prompted by Agnes, Tizzie begins to understand Jack and Maggie's treachery, and see their plan to enslave Agnes too. With only her loving heart to guide her, Tizzie fights to right those wrongs and set Agnes free.

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