33 by Craig Carl

33 by Craig Carl

Named for a martyred Saint, Stephen is an average man in almost every way except one,
he's been alive for eleven hundred years.

A brotherhood of priests have sworn themselves to ending his long life and they're not his only enemy.

Amazon synopsis:

You won’t notice me in passing, I’m transparent, a man of average everything, short of six feet by a few inches with dull brown hair and gray eyes. I can walk through any city a ghost. I blend with the noise of the streets, easily dismissed, a place holder in the Starbuck’s line. The only difference between me and the other five people I’m standing with is my age. Based on appearance I’m in my early thirties but this isn’t a fair game, I’m an exception to the rule. The arrogance of my story is unavoidable. It’s easy to be self centered, I’m all that remains after eleven hundred years.