America We Need a Raise - nonfiction by Mark Mullen

America We Need a Raise - nonfiction by Mark Mullen

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The middle class is disappearing but not in a good way. Americans are not moving up in economic status, but downward. Politicians talk about helping the middle class but create policies that hurt, rather than help, Americans. The federal government defines middle class as an “aspiration.” Confused? You won’t be after you read America We Need A Raise. Discover what the government has done to keep you dreaming of, but never reaching, a better life. See how corporate America leverages government regulations to keep employee wages low.  Learn how government and business can afford to give America a raise right now.

In 2014, the average American household income was $51,900, the same amount as it was in 1989. If Congress and Big Business had been working for the people, rather than against them, that 1989 average American income of $51,900 would have grown to $75,731 in 2014. Why didn't it? Government regulations killed millions of high paying middle class manufacturing jobs. Low paying retail and service industries replaced those factory jobs. Overtime with pay was legislated away from all but the very poor.

In the last 20 years Latin America and Eastern Europe have seen an increasing middle class. Africa has the world's fastest growing middle class - doubling during the past 20 years. Meanwhile, America's middle class has decreased during the past 20 years. Can America's middle class be saved? If you are a middle class American, read this book to discover 12 things that Congress and Big Business can do today to put more money in your hands and to grow the middle class.

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