Fear the Heart - a paranormal romance by Hettie Ivers

Fear the Heart - a paranormal romance by Hettie Ivers

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Reconciling the mind and heart often provokes inner conflict. Throw in the whims of an emerging inner she-wolf entering her first heat cycle and the revenge demands of an ancient blood curse, and all bets are off!

All Milena wants is to rescue her brother and return to her life in Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, her situation in Brazil grows increasingly complicated as she uncovers more startling truths kept from her since birth—leaving her at a loss as to whom to trust and what to believe.

Caught in the crosshairs of a vicious blood feud between two rival covens, Milena finds that guarding her heart is no simple feat … not when it’s the fearsome heart of an ill-fated blood curse that’s blossoming to life within her—threatening to unlock a long-prophesied reign of darkness upon the world with the power to destroy them all.