Garrett & Sunny by Peter Butler

Garrett & Sunny by Peter Butler

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/21/2016 - 6/23/2016!

When Garrett wakes to find a massive red handbag on his dresser and a pair of pretty pink panties on his bedroom floor, you'd think he'd be a happy man. But he's not - It seems the past twelve hours have been totally erased from his memory and rather than basking in the glow of a success he's more worried about who belongs to the items, what actually happened last night, and a million other things he can't remember to know if he should be worried about.. His attempts at answering those questions only add dreadfully to his problems.

And so begins the frustrating, funny, charming and highly flirtatious story of Garrett and Sunny. It's a "Howlarious Romp..." says one Amazon reader. It is also a story of love; not only of the beautiful but slightly nutty owner of the underwear, Sunny - but also of an ageing grandmother, and of a best mate called Truf. It's also a story about a nine-year-old boy who knows more about surviving in this harsh world than three grown men. Plus, an ancient Australian aboriginal man who is living in a time-warp, and has no idea of his true value.

Garrett and Sunny is a story of lust and adventure set in both England and the faraway Australian outback - a place where Englishmen like Garrett have a long history of coming to grief.
Before he realizes, Garrett is in over his head in more ways than he can count, and the events of the next few weeks of his life will either determine his future - or end it.

The critics seem to agree... "Laugh Out Loud Funny!" - "Five stars all the way" - "Hilariously sexy" - "I devoured this book" - "Garrett & Sunny had me rolling with laughter" - "..Clever and witty" - "One with class" - "This book is a gold-mine"