Legends of Windemere: Tribe of the Snow Tiger - an epic sword & sorcery adventure by Charles E. Yallowitz

Legends of Windemere: Tribe of the Snow Tiger - an epic sword & sorcery adventure by Charles E. Yallowitz

The pursuit of the temples keeping Baron Kernaghan contained has led the champions to the Snow Tiger Tribe’s territory.  More importantly, Timoran Wrath has returned to Stonehelm and his deepest secret is about to come to light.  With Luke, Nyx, and Dariana by his side, the wise and noble barbarian will answer for past mistakes.  Timoran’s life is in the hands of his people, many of which are not happy that he survived his exile.  Unwilling to let their friend face his punishment alone, the other champions are prepared to defend him in the savage court of King Edric.

Unfortunately, events will unfold to reveal more than anyone involved could have imagined.

While Timoran fights for his freedom, one of the champions’ oldest enemies is preparing to battle for her entire world.  Queen Trinity has been given an ultimatum: Lead the chaos elves against the barbarians and kill Nyx or all of her people will be wiped out.  With the fate of an entire species on her shoulders, Trinity is deadlier and more driven than ever.  The respect that she holds for her rival will be pushed aside as two of the most powerful mortals in Windemere unleash their full power in what the Baron demands to be their final encounter.

Ever since Timoran Wrath debuted in Family of the Tri-Rune, he has been a constant source of stability for the champions.  His strength and wisdom has seen them through all of their adventures, which is why the 10th volume of Legends of Windemere is a turning point for all of the heroes.  Timoran will need his friends to get him out of trouble and they will not have his guidance or even his cooperation at times.  This is a big turning point for him because he has remained loyal to his tribe even in exile, but several revelations are going to challenge his honorable core.

Loyalty and honor are very big factors in this adventure because they are challenged for so many of the characters in Tribe of the Snow Tiger.  Does Timoran retain his honor by holding to his tribe’s traditions or does he focus on his loyalty to his friends?  Will Luke, Nyx, and Dariana remain by his side or agree to leave him behind?  Is Queen Trinity more loyal to the Baron, herself, or her own people?