Strangely Twisted Vol 1: Dark & Fishy by RG Austin

Strangely Twisted Vol 1: Dark & Fishy by RG Austin

Free 6/3/2016 - 6/5/2016!

9 Twisted Short Stories.

Nothing is as it appears in these 9 twisted tales. Things are all a bit off, puzzling, dubious… fishy, in fact. Before you get all full of yourself, try to be who you aren’t, deny the demon inside you or the ones you wish to take advantage of or ignore your duties to others, supernatural or other worldly, learn a little something from those who tried to do the same and failed. Great bedtime quick reads for the strangely twisted.

Volume 1 has foul language, some sexual reference, a monster, demons, gods, goddesses, a witch, a warlock, a ghost, a priest, hell, magic, humor, and cannibalism properly served. Great bedtime quick reads for the strangely twisted.

Fish and Holy Water. Pious teen’s mom is a murdering scarlet woman. Sara Jane would do anything to save the harlot’s worthless soul. When the Father, the Son, Mother Mary, and a priest can’t get the job done, it’s time for some putrid magic, or so she thinks.

Baby Soft Dreams. Oh yes to be young again, oh yeah right. Jackie’s got an old lady’s face, body, and bad attitude. Then she gets a new client and an even bigger problem.

The Imp. This one is personal. Every short story horror book needs a monster, this one is mine… for real.

Old Lady on Hitch Hill. Tommy and Wyatt are best friends and petty burglars. The old lady has lots of cash, no one that gives a rat’s a** about her, and one more thing the boys never even considered.

Spirits of Hartshorn. Pam has a few regrets in her life and too much mind-altering chemicals up her nose from the Helan-Glenn Ammonia Factory. The mixture is combustible.

Witch Balls. A glassblower just wants to make pretty glass things, but her new neighbor thinks his balls are big enough to shatter her reality.

Time’s Up. Kathryn’s husband and daughter are gone; missing according to the police. The Detective makes his move then the Order is received.

The Car. Mike’s a good old guy mechanic until he buys the she-demon who’s looking for revenge.

The Empress of Eberhard. This medieval tale was inspired by a portrait of the 17th-century pig-faced Dutch woman Tannakin Skinker (image in the book and all over the web). It’s tasty.