Intimate Disclosure - a spine-tingling new Kate Dawson thriller by John L. Flynn

Intimate Disclosure - a spine-tingling new Kate Dawson thriller by John L. Flynn

On sale Paperback - $10.99 - Kindle - $0  7/1/2016 - 8/1/2016!

Detective Kate Dawson is back!  Still suffering from her ordeal at the hands of the Angel of Death serial killer (as recounted in the novel Intimate Bondage), the San Francisco homicide inspector is called to investigate a mass murder. The call is one that will change her life, and possibly the whole world—forever.  A handful of parents who all belong to the same church have been directed to put their children to death, and they are following orders. The charismatic leader of End Times Ministries, whose grand plan includes stoking the fires of Armageddon, has ordered parishioners to close ranks and prepare for a holy war. He believes they are the Chosen Ones, destined by God to inherit the Earth in the end times. Kate Dawson knows this is not God’s will, but that of a dangerous, diabolical mind that controls the lives of his people. Unfortunately, none of her fellow police officers believes her.  Dawson can only prove her suspicions when she comes face to face with the fanatics who are plotting a massive earthquake by triggering a stolen nuke in the San Andreas fault and thus destroying San Francisco and most of the West Coast.

“They plan to start a war!” she cried.

“Nearly a million people live in the San Francisco Bay area,” Senator Santiago said, in horror. “That’s a lot of lives that would be lost, but nowhere near the hundreds of millions of lives lost in a global war, and the starvation, and sickness, and disease that follows.”

“So, you’re saying, the Doomsday clock is ticking?” Kate asked, already sensing the answer.

“It’s five minutes to midnight . . .”

Kate would have been the first one to confess that she didn’t know a whole lot about politics and religion—but she did know there was a group of fanatics out there who were determined to move the hands of the clock closer to midnight, and it was her duty to stop them . . .

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