Kronos Duet by A.H. Richards

kronos duet

As its title suggests, this novel involves time travel; but with a difference... You won't find anything so klunky as a time machine; that kind of vehicle would never pass through dimensions of time and space. Kronos Duet's protagonists (and their sadistic pursuers) travel through time via the psyches of other humans, with the aid of a psychic-boosting plant called Anis. Inhale powdered Anis, and you don't know where you will end up: modern Wales, ancient Stonehenge, Tsarist Russia...

Psychic 'astronaut' Gareth Pugh and daughter Adrianna leap through time-space, aiming to reach the beginning of time, to confront God. They're just not too good at getting there. Dead peoples' minds can be unpredictably dangerous. Will they slingshot Gareth to God and the chance to undo a heinous murder? Can Adrianna protect herself against alien psychic dimensions and the lustful sadist who hunts her, for keeps? Brutal Doctor Buckleigh picks up the scent, missioned by the elitist Foundation to eliminate Pugh and daughter, along with any evidence of God and time travel... But nobody factored in the supernatural powers of Anis, black holes, or a God with a chip on His shoulder.
"Kronos Duet is time travel fiction that asks the big questions. Intelligent, disturbing and insightful."

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