Rocket Babe - Fallen Angel by Stephen R. DeArman

Rocket Babe - Fallen Angel by Stephen R. DeArman

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The Nephilim’s Worst Nightmare – Rocket Babe

Rocket Babe – Fallen Angel is the second edition in a series of classic 1960's style science fiction tales. A story of aliens, space, rockets, fighting men and a beautiful woman like the girl next door. All laced with dark intrigue, humor and love.

Only a few months after fighter pilot Captain Verna Starr, call sign, Rocket Babe, led DSSF to victory on Mars all alien abductions ceased. The first interplanetary strike by humans had been almost flawless and provided a window of opportunity for DSSF to gain strength, but soon it looked as though their victory would be short lived. A small number of the Greys survived and while no longer a threat to Earth on their own, their allies, an ancient race believed to be the descendants of fallen angels known as the Nephilim, would soon prove a much greater threat to mankind.

Enraged by the attack, the Nephilim were moving rapidly to avenge the Greys. Their leader, Anakim, now bore a deep seeded hatred for all humans and DSSF but above all he had an overwhelming desire to possess and punish the only woman that had ever dared to defy him. In retaliation he meant to bring a firestorm upon Earth like mankind had never seen before.

Now in command of fighter squadron SF-1, Jolly Rogers, Rocket Babe and her pilots race to intercept Anakim before he reaches Earth. But if the Nephilim leader can defeat DSSF he will own the entire solar system and rule every life form, including a captured Rocket Babe who would be forced to watch the destruction of everything and everyone she loves, as his slave.

Suitable for all audiences, the Rocket Babe series is frequently described as fun, light reading, that is hard to put down.