Hawk's Ascension - a historical fiction by SJ Garland

Hawk's Ascension - a historical fiction by SJ Garland

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Nathaniel Hawk keeps his promise to Cornelius Thistlewaite after the events of the recent Singapore trading season. Nathaniel reluctantly gives up his life of vice for a position at Thistlewaite’s trading house. He soon finds the business of trade in the British Empire is every bit as cut throat as fighting pirates on the high seas. As he starts his new life, a terrible secret from his past threatens to destroy everything he has built and will force him to choose between old allies’ and new.

Charlotte Carstairs tries desperately to settle into her new life as Nathaniel Hawk’s fiancĂ©. She is not proud of the decisions she made in order to save her family from penury and must deal with their repercussions for her future. Every bit as determined as her formidable future husband to make her own place in the world, she must navigate the space between ruthless trader and traitor as the payment for past debts threaten her future.

Together Nathaniel Hawk and Charlotte Carstairs will navigate the dark underworld of black market traders in colonial Britain. They will challenge the East India Company’s monopoly on trade with China and lead the drive for individual enterprise. With enemies on all sides, Nathaniel and Charlotte’s immense ambitions will either drive them apart or bind them together.