School, Sex and Secrets - A Steamy Mystery by Sheila Michelle

School, Sex and Secrets - A Steamy Mystery by Sheila Michelle

Vanessa Ellis, 18, is a high school senior that loves finding out about other people's secrets, but her steamy secrets will have everyone talking as well as someone mysteriously texting her about them, and all of this will lead to unimagined events.

Amazon synopsis:

18-year-old Rosemont High School student Vanessa Ellis from Las Vegas, Nevada loves finding out about other people’s secrets, but never imagined how it would be if people found out about hers. Her secret begins her senior year when she ends up in a secret relationship with 18-year-old John Catchton . . . and then in one with 18-year-old Brad Johnston who has a girlfriend – and that's not all. John and Brad happen to be very good friends with each other and go to the same school as her. But someone out there knows about her secret and lets her know it by sending her a series of threatening secret text messages, and this is not the only thing that she’s receiving. She’s also receiving unwanted roses that are always put inside of her car, so this now has her very cautious about the two that she’s secretly involved with and about whether or not her secret will be revealed. But it doesn’t take her long to feel uncomfortable about being in a secret relationship with John and Brad at the same time, especially since Brad has a girlfriend and there’s someone out there that knows about her secret, so she chooses to end it with one of them, and when she does, this starts a trail of even more secrets and lies. Also because of this choice, she ends up in an open, committed relationship that she doesn’t ever expect to be in, but what she doesn’t expect most of all is when a dark secret leads to a classmate’s murder.

Vanessa and her friends decide to conduct their own investigation into their classmate’s murder, and forensic science plays a huge part in their investigation, but the DNA results gives them news that they don’t ever expect to hear. Vanessa also doesn’t expect to hear who’s been behind the secret text messages and roses that she’s been receiving, and when the secret identity of the person is revealed, this changes the way she feels about the whole investigation. In addition to this, she also finds out that she’s more connected to this case than she ever thinks she would be, and because of this, she fears that she’ll be the killer’s next victim.

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