The Loosey Goosey Tooth by Akirashanti Byrd

The Loosey Goosey Tooth by Akirashanti Byrd

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The Loosey Goosey Tooth: The Book That Will Teach Patience To Your Kid’s In The Smartest Way!

In a time when children want it right now, rising 1st grader, Kennedy find that there are some things you simply can not rush.

In Loosey Goosey Tooth, Kennedy is faced with two of life’s many lessons: learning patience and having self-control.

Kennedy’s journey begin as she is the last classmate to loose her first tooth.

Kennedy had to learn that even though everyone else was losing their teeth, it simply wasn’t her time.

Impatient to lose her tooth she tries many different ways that sadly she learned they were not the best way to become snaggled-tooth.

As Kennedy’s journey continues, she realizes that when her tooth shakes and shiggles, giggles and wiggles, it is ready to come out, it’s loosey goosey!

Your child will become Kennedy’s classmate and learn how she copes with her snaggle tooth problem.

The beautiful, motivational words of Kennedy’s mom will explain that certain things only happen when the time is right.

This book is perfect for both boys and girls and can make for the best gift for any occasion!

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