I AM - A Science Fiction Thriller by Michael Selden

I AM - A Science Fiction Thriller by Michael Selden

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Jenny Baker thought that life was all mapped out for her. A junior in college, she studies physics and lives at home in the fictional college town of Long Lake, West Virginia. She and her boyfriend, Jake, have been together since they were freshmen in high school, and everyone assumes that they will get married when they graduate.

On October 1, her life is shattered. Tragedy strikes and, depressed, Jenny drops out of school to take an internship at the university’s observatory, which is located in the Appalachian Mountains. There, she discovers a comet destined to end all life on Earth. “I AM” follows her struggle for a sense of normalcy, and takes her on a journey of self discovery.

"I’d never thought about it, the end of the world. Nor had I imagined that I’d have to face it in my own lifetime. This past year I’ve been so busy trying to get through each day without thinking about what happened last October. But the universe doesn’t care about our little problems. It has its own way of deciding things—and I’ve come to understand that the universe is a much stranger place than I’d ever realized before."