Legends of Windemere: Charms of the Feykin - the newest action-packed fantasy novel by Charles E. Yallowitz

Legends of Windemere: Charms of the Feykin - the newest action-packed fantasy novel by Charles E. Yallowitz

With their business in Stonehelm complete, four of the champions are back on the road to discover what happened to Delvin Cunningham and Sari. The missing heroes were last seen in the southern jungles and only Fizzle returned on the verge of death. From Nyx’s magic to Dariana’s telepathy, all attempts to make contact with their friends have been mutter with gut-wrenching failure. With only two more temples left to purify, they can only imagine the desperate and vicious trap that the others have fallen into. Little do they know, the truth is much more bizarre and disheartening than anything they can dream up.

Instead of being captured by the Baron’s agents, Delvin and Sari have allied themselves with the mysterious Feykin. These fairy hybrids have chosen the two champions as their generals to lead them against an aggressive cult that threatens their existence. Yet, there is something wrong with the lost heroes. With Delvin pushing for caution and Sari demanding they go on the attack, they are on the verge of killing each other before the looming battle. Even with the arrival of their friends, tensions and tempers are high enough to cause friction and crack the bonds between the champions. It is a race against time to uncover the source of Delvin and Sari’s change in personality and prevent them from making an unforgivable mistake.

Continuing the humor, magic, and action of the Legends of Windemere series, the 11th installment brings several relationships to the forefront. One of the focuses of this fantasy series has been the interactions between the heroes and how they maintain these connections while following a heavy destiny.  Some of have been scared to get close out of fear of one of them dying while others cling to these bonds to retain their courage.  Charms of the Feykin tests not only how much the champions trust each other and how strong their connections are in the face of an unseen, manipulative enemy.

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