Striker- a sexy and dangerous contemporary romance by Lilly Atlas

Striker- a sexy and dangerous contemporary romance by Lilly Atlas

Her break for freedom places her in the path of the worst danger she's ever faced, and the one man who can save her.

Dr. Lila Emerson moves clear across the country to escape the reach of her wealthy and powerful family. Content with her new found independence and life as a physician in a small town ER, she struggles to ignore her growing attraction to Striker, the vice president for the No Prisoners Motorcycle Club. Unfortunately, given the nature of his life, someone he knows is always popping up in her ER, making him impossible to ignore.

After months of lusting after the pretty doctor from afar, Striker finally acts on his desire. He knows there’s no future—they are from two completely different worlds—but he can’t seem to resist.

Lila begins receiving threats leaving her terrified and vulnerable. Striker and the MC provide an offer of protection, for a price. When Striker and Lila are thrust together, sparks fly and passions ignite. Before long they find themselves entangled in a relationship neither saw coming.

Striker is confident his club can eliminate the threat against Lila. What he can’t handle, is the notion that the reason the woman he’s fallen for is in danger, is her association with the MC.