The Nature of Happiness - A Journey from Misery to Prosperity by Peter Ujj

The Nature of Happiness - A Journey from Misery to Prosperity by Peter Ujj

Free 9/18/2016 - 9/20/2016!

A biographical story how to reach happiness and stability, how to dream a better life and create prosperity.

What is happiness? Does genuine human happiness exist at all? How to survive misery, hardship, inhuman challenges, hatred, rejection, insecurity, emotional darkness and hopelessness? How to find our way in the face of disappointment, consuming greed, and distrust? How to fight pessimism? How to dream a better life, and how to believe in our dreams? How to protect ourselves from envious and malicious encounters that prevent us from fulfillment, self-confidence and prosperity? How to envision serenity, balance, well-being, prosperity, emotional tranquility, and existential stability in the midst of such an uncertain, chaotic earthly life? And, most importantly, how to reach a perfect happiness in our everyday life?

Through the first, autobiographical volume of my duology The Nature of Happiness, I seek to invite people to think about these and other questions. As I believe that without knowing the writer from an intimately personal place, no reader will ever truly understand or appreciate that writer’s words, in the first volume of my book, representing the first three decades of my life, I share many poignant events recalled from my past.

Although my writing does not disclose any surprising secret, answer any unanswered question, or wisely teach anything to anyone, I still humbly trust that it will help the reader create a happier, more fulfilled, and prosperous life.