Feng Shui on a Dime: Affordable Feng Shui for Love, Wealth, Health and Success - A Decorating Design Self-Help book by Stephanie Liang

Feng Shui on a Dime: Affordable Feng Shui for Love, Wealth, Health and Success - a Feng Shui Self Help by Stephanie Liang

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Master the art of earth acupuncture and manifest more love, wealth, health and success using the secrets of feng shui. Feng Shui on a Dime is a step-by-step happiness guide that demystifies the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui for beginners or veterans and mixes modern with traditional and always affordable feng shui cures to help you organize your life and activate the laws of attraction.

You’ll discover how to use feng shui to:

Attract more love into your life
Add more sizzle to your current relationships
Decorate for optimal health and disease prevention
Cultivate self improvement and personal growth
Energize the flow of money into your home
Maximize your wealth-generating potential
Elevate your career to exceptional heights
Enhance your reputation
Organize your life without stress
Draw in more opportunities for personal transformation success
Enrich your family life…and much more!

It is your divine right to live your best life ever, but how do you make it happen? By activating the potent creativity inside you and letting it dance with the energy of the universe, your wildest wishes can come true.

Sprinkle some feng shui into your world and watch your positive intentions bloom beyond belief. Whether you’re looking to learn feng shui for beginners or more advanced feng shui principles, Feng Shui on a Dime empowers you with easy-to-implement, inexpensive feng shui cures to help you live your best life. Get ready for love, wealth, health and success, because all it takes are a few adjustments from this happiness guide to ignite the laws of attraction and personal transformation success!