Mars Optima by Roy MacDonald

Mars Optima by Roy MacDonald

What happens when paradise descends into a desperate struggle for survival?

The year is 2198. The Planet Mars is home to a large, vibrant colony of nearly 100 million people.

On the far outskirts of the colony, near the isolated and rugged canyons of Mariner Valley, is the location of the newly built Optima Resort.

The completion of the idyllic, upscale tourist destination has been delayed by several unexplained systems failures- including the shut-down of the communications matrix.  The much touted grand opening is just a few weeks away and the crew working the construction struggles to resolve the technical issues hampering the project.

They are completely unaware that there is deadly predator hidden deep within the shadows of Optima. This is a predator capable of passing through multiple dimensions as well as the fabric of time itself.

There is no way to escape or transmit a distress call. The terrifying nightmare is about to unfold for the crew at Optima.

"Replete with mult-faceted characters, compelling dialog & riveting plot twists"

"This is a science fiction thriller that is chilling, sexy & intelligent"

"Mars Optima" is a riveting novel that fully engages the reader from the first chapter to the last. Definitely a must-read.