The Last City of America - A science fiction adventure by Matthew Tysz

The Last City of America - A science fiction adventure by Matthew Tysz

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In a world where the population has catastrophically declined, a scientist is given the power to save mankind or destroy it, and is uncertain of what he wants to do.

Amazon synopsis:

A virus stole fertility from many people long ago, ending society over several generations. The United States became the Seven Cities of America.

Chicago, cut off from the other cities, ruled in darkness, is home to the dying scientist who created the virus. Hateful of humanity, the he passes his knowledge on to his apprentice, who he believes will use it to damn all life to everlasting misery.

The apprentice, Harold, his own past stained with unforgivable acts, does not share his master's hatred. But he wants to push this knowledge, and would shamelessly kill innocents to do so. But to what end, he struggles to realize--- all the while wondering if humanity, worthless as it seems, deserves compassion more than he deserves omniscience.

As Harold struggles with his identity, Chicago's ruler, the host, learns of the knowledge Harold has, and Harold has to flee his home.

The host will not allow Harold to thwart his delicate plan to prove that humanity should never have existed, but Harold will not allow the host to steal his decision before he's had the chance to make it.

The Last City of America is a character-driven epic; the individual emulates humanity, and humanity's faults are written in the individual. The two walk with one another into the final decision. Cities fall one-by-one to man's ignorance. The world is ending. This time forever. Good and evil are reaching out to save it.

This is the story of how we will be remembered.