I AM ____ - an inspiring book by Klyn Elsbury

I AM - an inspiring book by Klyn Elsbury

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What started out as a personal mission to understand the mindsets of today's most influential entrepreneurs and athletes turned into a worldwide journey, spanning 95+ countries. 

In I AM ____: 10 Powerful Lessons from Today's Most Influential Entrepreneurs & Athletes, Klyn Elsbury takes you inside the mind millionaires, Olympic athletes, and serial entrepreneurs to discover what habits led to their success, what failure was really like, and the thoughts that motivated them to make the decision to give it all or give it up.

In this book, readers will learn:

->> What failure means today and how you can create triumphs from trials.
->> How the subconscious mind and self-esteem work in tandem with the four learning strategies to dramatically improve your life.
->> The top five excuses that influential entrepreneurs and athletes have had, and how you can push past your own limiting beliefs and develop lasting habits that fuel your fire.
->> How to confidently take charge in sales presentations and effectively persuade anyone, whether with a C-level executive or in your own personal relationships.
->> How habits are formed and how to implement positive habits to create your new life.
->> How one choice can dramatically influence your entire life
->> What to tell yourself when you are faced with the decision of giving up or giving it your all.

Featuring interviews with:

->> Boomer Esiason, Former NFL Quarterback and NFL Commentator
->> Sharon Lechter, Entrepreneur and Financial Philanthropist
->> Larry Linne, Entrepreneur and Former NFL Player
->> Louis David Spagnuolo, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
->> Marc Randolph, Co-Founder of Netflix
->> Martin Grunburg, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author
->> Austin Netzley, Entrepreneur
->> JV Crum III, Entrepreneur
->> And many other top influencers

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