The Balance by Michael Selden

The Balance by Michael Selden

Free 11/11/2016 - 11/15/2016!

For seventeen year old Phoebe, growing up in The Land has been an enormous challenge. There is the uncontrollable telepathic ability that she can't turn off. She grew up without a mother, who was killed by a mob not long after her birth. And then there is the Council of God, who would torture and execute her as a witch if they knew what she was, or where she'd come from.

The Land survived the nuclear war, and it survived the comet, but the devastation and chaos led to a dysfunctional government that has turned its back on most technology. Just 18 years ago, the people had access to modern conveniences, medicines, and enjoyed the benefits of an agreement between the religion-based Council and the technology-based Order, but all that was destroyed when the comet fell to Earth.

Now Phoebe faces new threats and new hopes, and only she has the potential to help re-establish the power sharing arrangement between the Council and the remnants of the Order living in exile—only she has that slim chance to rebuild The Balance.

The Balance is the first installment of a 3-part story.

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