The Dream Dancer - a Romantic Fantasy by Leslie Hachtel

The Dream Dancer - a historical paranormal romance by Leslie Hachtel

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The Lady Bryce has a gift. She can enter dreams and persuade. It has served her well, especially in eliminating unsatisfactory suitors of her father's choosing.

When she encounters Lord Rowland, she knows he is a man who likes women. Bryce decides to visit him in his sleep and make him desire her above all others. A virgin, she has discovered a diary from a leman who describes seduction in detail.

When she has driven Rowland to the edge of longing, she extracts a promise that he will marry her. She goes to Court to ensure he keeps his word.

Coerced by her, Rowland proposes and they are wed. As time passes, they fall in love.

Former suitors discover Bryce has influenced their decisions and take revenge. Bryce is accused of witchcraft and arrested. In 1616 England, under James I, this is a heinous crime punishable by death. Now, Rowland must decide if he truly loves her or has he, too, has been bewitched. What is truly the extent of her power?

Eventually, Bryce is freed and the lovers are reunited. However, another still seeks retribution and attacks them. They fight the enemies and are victorious.

Finally, they are able to live happily ever after.