The Guide of Time: The Journey - a Science Fiction Fantasy by Cinzia de Santis

The Guide of Time:The Journey - a Science Fiction Fantasy by Cinzia de Santis

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Alexander von Rossen is last of a lineage of Guides of Time. Their mission is to take mankind to a higher state of knowledge and throughout the centuries, from Pythagoras to Einstein, they have inspired breakthrough scientific discoveries. Alexander’s last endeavour is to make sure a research project that will transform dramatically the view of life and death is carried out. But his enemies will do whatever they can to stop him. They want to keep humans in the darkness to control them and have done so since the beginning of time. Alexander faces an unexpected complication: Ariane Claret, a young woman with an extraordinary talent for music, that bursts into his life at a crucial moment and who produces in him feelings that he never experienced before. Ariane holds the secret for the victory or destruction of Alexander, the Guides and, ultimately, mankind.

The trilogy of “The Guide of Time” is a fascinating journey through human history. Facts mixed with fantasy — or maybe not?

Book 1 of the trilogy ends in Scotland, where Ariane comes face to face with Alexander. The pianist and the Guide, bound by a fate that neither of them has begun to guess.