Firehouse Family Mysteries - a Crime Fiction by Laurie Loveman

Firehouse Family Mysteries Books One to Four - a Mystery and Thriller by Laurie Loveman

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This set contains all four of the mysteries in the Firehouse Family Series: Memories (Book One), The Quarry (Book Two), The Farm Fires (Book Three) and Demise of the Horse Fairy (Book Four). These mysteries take place in a small Ohio town in the 1930s involving Fire Chief Jake McCann and his department and the situations they and their friends and the residents of Woodhill and the surrounding area are faced with during the Depression and Prohibition. In addition to the situations the fire department must face, horses and the activities of horsewoman Laura Darvey come into play. Many of the key people in Woodhill appear in each of the books as we watch them meeting and conquering problems faced in this small town, at times battling fires, gangsters, labor problems, and the shortcomings of 1930s medicine.