Gigolo All the Way by JN Welsh

Gigolo All the Way by JN Welsh

Noelle Rudolph has spent years in her family’s Caribbean get married and have children pressure cooker. This holiday season is turning out to be not different. When her mother turns up the heat and informs her that she’ll be bunking with the kids on their Christmas vacation, because she’s beaux-less, it’s the last draw.

There is only one way to get her family off her back during their holiday vacation—get someone to play her “boyfriend. But she couldn’t possibly buy a fake boyfriend for Christmas.

Or could she?

Enter in Cole P, her gigolo savior. His familiar, delicious lips and turquoise eyes have her hot and bothered. When their ruse fans the growing embers of their heated desires, Elle realizes that hiring a gigolo for Christmas may have its challenges, but it definitely has its benefits.

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