The View From 85 - Fictional Memoir by Martin Green

The View From 85 - Fictional Memoir by Martin Green

“The View From 85” is a fictional memoir depicting what it’s like to be really old, with its attendant aches and pains, disabilities, surgeries and the like and possibly a few mitigating pleasures.

The volume is rounded out with 16 short stories. Author Martin Green is a retiree/free-lance writer who’s published over 400 journalistic pieces and 400 short stories, after which he stopped counting. He currently writes two columns for a monthly senior paper going to 10,000 households, “Favorite Restaurants” and “Observations.” He regularly contributes short stories to online magazines Hackwriters, winamop and Clever as well as posting on Storystar. Sam North, editor of Hackwriters says: “Martin Green has a light touch and deft skill at getting to the core of people in his stories. Charming, witty and addictive.”. He’s been “Author of the Day” several times on Storystar and “Author of the Month” for June 2018. Julie Larson of Storystar calls him her “senior writer extraordinaire.”

Martin’s latest stories are about senior citizens but his stories as a whole concern mostly ordinary people dealing with life’s common issues: finding a significant other, getting a job, then marriage, family, choices to be and fate. He also has speculative stories about a council on a super-intelligent planet that meets annually to debate what to do about that pesky planet Earth: a farm boy in olden times who rescues a princess with the aid of Bob, his family dragon: a young man who falls in love with Count Dracula’s daughter: and Uncle Pringle, who has an uncanny knack of solving people’s problems in between counseling world figures.

“The View From 85” is available at as a Nook book for 99 cents. Another fictional memoir, “One Year in Retirement (and 25 Short Stories),” is available on Amazon as a Kindle book for $2.99. A novelette, “A Life: Phase One,” is available as an e-book on kobo for $1.99. Martin also has issued five volumes of “Collected Short Stories.” Volume I and Volume V can be had at Amazon as Kindle books and Volumes II , III and IV at Barnes and Noble as Nook books. 

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