Run and Change Your Life (Second Edition) by Josue Rojas

Run and Change Your Life (Second Edition) by Josue Rojas

Free 1/23/2017 - 1/27/2017!

We must have goals to achieve, whether they are business, job, carrier, finding the right person to start a family with, or reaching an economic and social level, among other goals. In order to get them, we must make the first step.

To figure out how to overcome difficulties that may appear on our path, we only must proceed with the certainty that we will achieve what we proposed and believe that we'll get it and that any obstacle or mental cluster will be overcome with our faith.

The race of life is to know how to run it and to be focused on the goal. It will teach you how to deal with the trials when tiredness and pain surround you. You may change your steps or pace but never your vision toward your goals or dreams. You may take a pause to refresh yourself, to catch up your breath, or to deeply remove habits that may be burdens or obstacles that hold you from advancing.

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