The Dark Companions - a dark fantasy story by M.A. Kassel

The Dark Companions - a dark fantasy story by M.A. Kassel

$0.99 (regularly $4.99) 1/17/2017 - 1/18/2017!

For the children of Ursyca, sleeping with a monster under their bed is no scary fantasy but the harsh reality…

To honor the ancients’ pact, every kid must live with a creature lurking in the shadows. A dark companion, coming straight from the abyss, that will feed on their fears and nightmares.

It is the rule. It is the law.

For most families, that means avoiding any traumatic experiences. It is the only way to keep their beast starved and ensure that, on their sixteenth birthday, the youths can take control of it and do not get eaten alive.

Sid doesn’t have such a choice anymore. He needs to become a powerful Subduer to save his sister Eyleen from the terrible fate that awaits her. That’s why the young ore digger subjects himself to the worst horrors. That’s why he spends his every waking hour looking for pain and misery. However, when the fateful day arrives and he gets ready for his showdown, something goes awfully wrong. And so begins the race against time.

Sid will have to leave his village and seek help, but it’s a tough and dangerous world out there. With Count Kalderan set on conquering the world and killing every Subduer to assert his power… And his power-mad sons looking to make their mark in this world… Will Sid be able to come back in time to save his sister?