To Wendy's With Love: The 22-Year Lunch - a Memoir by Diane Keyes

To Wendy's With Love: The 22-Year Lunch - a Memoir by Wendy Keyes

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Who Knew Lunch Could Change Your Life!

After Twenty-Two Years…
4 generations of family,
5000+ lunches,
Countless Frosties
And Tons of Fun,
Lunch together at Wendy’s has never been better!

Award-winning author, Diane Keyes tells the story of her journey from heartache to wholeness in her touching memoir, To Wendy’s With Love: The 22-Year Lunch. Nearly forty years after a brain hemorrhage left her with painful memories and unanswered questions, Keyes began sharing lunch with her mother every week, finding gifts for her healing in an unlikely place—a fast-food restaurant.

The book chronicles a simple tradition that now includes four generations of her family. Filled with hard-won wisdom, memorable moments, and a dollop of ketchup, To Wendy’s With Love is just that—a love letter to Wendy’s, where the congenial atmosphere and the warm hospitality of the staff have kept this family coming back every week for more than twenty-two years… and counting.

What happens along the way is a tribute to the power of the family meal—changing Diane’s life and all those who join her and her mom around the Wendy’s table. It’s there the pieces come together, perspectives shift, old memories find new meaning, and new memories are made. Let the book’s powerful lessons on relationship change your life too.