I Bought The Sun For A Dollar by Gary Starta

I Bought The Sun For A Dollar by Gary Starta

Did you ever wonder if you were connected to the planets? In I Bought the Sun for a Dollar, Timothy discovers a special spot to see a sunrise, forever putting him on a more enlightened path than he was used to.

But there are those who have a problem with happiness, and before all is done, Timothy may find the people around him, including his new girlfriend, are not what they seem.

Amazon book synopsis:

Can anyone actually buy peace or happiness? Perplexed by the loss of job and fiancé, Timothy Ray makes a symbolic purchase of the sun for a dollar to try to right things in his slightly off course career trajectory. When he stumbles upon a brilliant, cascading sunrise and then a chance meeting with a statuesque blonde he feels his life is about to change for the better but his new girlfriend is a spy, working for a contracted data mining firm.

Undaunted and unaware that Lou Ann is actually Kate, Timothy continues to encourage people via social media to experience how energy is shared between us and the cosmos. Kate and her employer fear Timothy’s hope will threaten the leadership’s status quo. The firm incrementally steps up its spy game and seems to have no remorse about putting Timothy at risk of ridicule and perhaps worse. But Timothy’s biggest threat may come from the very source of his inspiration, the sun itself. Will he be able to save all from a cosmic catastrophe?