Fields of Rust: Suns of the End - Volume One - a Science Fiction and Fantasy by Robert Gryn

Fields of Rust (Suns of the End) (Volume 1) - a Sci-Fi Fantasy by Robert Gryn

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The universe grows cold. Only a few stars persist in dark matter wastelands. Among these last embers, the ashes of war smolder.

On the planet-sized Worldship, Nezantes, the loyal servant of King Darsen, seeks to restore the reign of his ruler. For this end he will do anything, even if it means igniting the last stars in a final war. Caught in the middle of this looming conflict are Solaz, a man losing his humanity, and Isolde, a woman who may have never been human.

Solaz and Isolde will pursue the duty-bound Nezantes past the ends of the world. Their desperate chase will take them among the broken and decrepit heavens. They will see what has become of the stubborn works of humanity and, if Nezantes has his way, they will witness another step towards the last breath of the cosmos.