The Butterflies - A Psycho-Thriller by Kimberley Waldron

The Butterflies - A Psycho-Thriller by Kimberley Waldron

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Would You Morph into Someone You're Not......If it Meant Getting Everything You Want? Dare to Look Behind the Curtain.

Within everyone's mind is a curtain. And you never really know someone until you've been behind it. So, how well do you really know your friends...your family...or your lover?

...Living in a Tangled Web of Questions... How much are you willing to change and reinvent yourself to get what you think you need to become better...richer...happier...or more powerful?

A group of seemingly ordinary folks must grapple with these burning questions when a string of bizarre serial killings besieges Larchmont, a rural town nestled in the sweltering heat of Texas.

These haunting questions become even more oppressive because small-town Texas folks know they're supposed conform to "fit in."

... A pedophile who preys on unsuspecting children with his camera ...A wealthy funeral director who takes advantage of his despondent clients in the most despicable ways...A wretched old women who steals and murders dogs for profit...And a heartless government swine who swindles money intended for safe school drinking water systems...

They all turn up dead. All viciously poisoned by nicotine liquid. All demented,tortured souls who cry out from the hereafter for justice. So, justice must be served - even as the "good" people of Larchmont cheer their deaths.

If feeling sympathy for a psychotic serial killer crosses a dark forbidden line, the questions The Butterflies ask are...

Who gets to draw the line? And who gets to move it?