Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora Book 1) by Tiffany Easterling

Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora Book 1) by Tiffany Easterling

Free 4/20/2017 - 4/24/2017!

Sometimes, free will isn't free will at all; it's a destiny that's written at the dawn of time.

Tristan Glass, wasn't brave, wasn't a leader, and didn't have the strength to be anything extraordinary. It didn't matter that she'd woken up from a near death experience stronger, faster, and able to heal herself. It didn't matter that she carried and ancient genetic legacy that set her apart from all other humans. She didn't want to be a hero.

Audley Morgan wasn’t a nice guy. He had a disdain for everyone and everything. That was probably why he a gift for carnage and destruction. It didn’t matter that his inclination for violence could be used to protect those that were weaker. He didn’t want to be anyone’s guardian. He didn’t want to be a hero.

…And most of all, Audley and Tristan didn’t want to fall in love.

They were much too irritated with one another to consider the possibility.

Meanwhile, the Regent, an ancient power has re-emerged and wanted to resume a war that could decide the fate of humankind. For the Regent, it doesn’t matter whether Tristan and Audley want to be heroes not. They were still an obstacle, and they needed to be recruited, or they needed to be killed.

Whether it’s destiny or free will, the world needs heroes. Because without heroes, the world could end.