Millie's Angel - a family saga of magical realism by Kim Petersen

Millie's Angel - a family saga of magical realism by Kim Petersen

$1.99 (regularly $3.99) 03/04/2017 - 14/04/2017!

Empowering, liberating and completely captivating, this novel will capture your heart and leave you feeling inspired ...

Millie's Angel is an inspirational novel that tells the story of Millie and a family that is both cursed and blessed.

When Millie discovers her mother has abandoned her in disturbing circumstances, she is left to care for her kid brother while struggling with the presence of a father that is as incomprehensible as it is threatening.

Millie grows up relying on her own strength and finds support in the bonds of love and friendship; and a boy who has smitten her heart. But as she faces the challenges of everyday life, Millie develops a connection with an angelic presence that will play a wonderful role in the life of her family.

Just when Millie believes she has overcome the worst of the dark secrets that had ripped her family apart, she faces yet another challenge - when her mother reappears ten years later.
Can Millie learn to forgive her mother for abandoning her?

Just imagine a heartwarming, spiritually rich story that will inspire you to believe in hope when things go wrong. Then just imagine, Millie's Angel - a story where you will find something of yourself.