Tizzie by P.D.R. Lindsay

Tizzie by P.D.R. Lindsay

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 4/19/2017 - 4/23/2017!

Families support and aid each other don’t they? Especially in the Yorkshire Dales, in 1887. Life can be hard but gentle, kindly Tizzie has loving help from her dear brother, Jack, his Scottish wife, Maggie, their three boys and one girl, Agnes.

She is happy to work herself down to skin and bones as a dairymaid for them. But though an expert at many things she does not see the conniving plans her loving family use to enslave her. Tizzie’s one dream is to see that young Agnes will not suffer her spinster fate and it is sharp young Agnes who helps Tizzie suspect, see and then uncover Jack and Maggie's treachery.

 Now she knows what has been done to her she is determined to free Agnes. With only her wits to guide her, Tizzie attempts to right years of wrongs and set Agnes free.