The 3T Path: Self-Improvement and Self-Realization in Yoga - a Health and Self-Help by Giridhari Das

The 3T Path: Self-Improvement and Self-Realization in Yoga - a Health and Self-Help by Giridhari Das

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Transform a life of anxiety, uncertainty and frustration into one of peace, strength, purpose and joy

For the first time, find in a single book the principal means of changing your consciousness and reshaping your brain, for an increasingly better life experience. Discover the power of your mind.

In The 3T Path you’ll find hundreds of time-tested and scientifically proven suggestions, facts and techniques for your growth and self-improvement. The 3T Path is a comprehensive system that works in multiple fronts at the same time, bringing your noticeable results in a short time.

The 3T Path will bring about enormous personal transformation to help you resolve and transcend the challenges of life, maximizing your potential. The strength of The 3T Path lies in its use of ancient and powerful tools from the yoga tradition:
  1. Mindfulness
  2. Dharma
  3. Inner peace
  4. Knowledge
  5. Devotion
All these together with lifestyle suggestions to maximize your potential, and finally, The 3T Method to keep your progress steady.

If self-realization seems like something from another world to you, out of your day-to-day reality, this book will change your views. The 3T Path shows how spirituality must be totally integrated into our daily activities and is nothing more than the perfection of the art of living well here and now. This book will give you a new vision of God, of your spiritual nature and of the process of enlightenment, in a practical and down to earth form. You’ll see how spirituality will give you a clear advantage when dealing with everything in life, without you having to put aside your intelligence or common sense.

This book is the result of decades of practice and research by the author, speaker and teacher of self-improvement and self-realization in yoga, Giridhari Das. He shows in this book how you can overcome your anxiety and frustration, how to find your purpose in life and guide your life day by day, the secrets of how to develop inner peace, how to use knowledge as an instrument of growth and enlightenment and the process of bhakti, the highest aspect of the path of yoga.

This book will give you the tools to take control of your life experience.