Michaelmas Term (or - Why is that Boy Naked?) by Nicholas Barrett

Michaelmas Term (or - why is that boy naked?) by Nicholas Barrett

Nicky has inexplicably passed a Scholarship exam.


He has now been earmarked for the oldest and most esteemed school in the area.


Now his village friends think he’s a snob, and Posh boys think he’s a Yokel.

His new schoolmates include a Lord, a serial escapologist, oh… and an alien.

His new Teachers imbibe too much spirit, talk to spirits of a different kind, and call up demons.

Can a boy from a village so small that it could be carpeted with a payday loan ever make his mark?

Why is the Archaeology Society always determined to dig up the past?


Follows his struggle to find his place in the upper echelons of education (no talking at the back please…).

 Let us fervently hope that this seat of learning does not have a drawing pin on it....