The Roar of a Dragon - a young adult fantasy by Robert Blanchard

The Roar of a Dragon - a young adult fantasy by Robert Blanchard

All alone on his farm after the death of his father, young Aidan is started on the path of his dreams when he is discovered by the general of the White Army of Delmar during a chance encounter with a drunken knight by the name of Norvin.  Taken into the military, Aidan’s fighting spirit and skill help him rise through the ranks of the White Army at a rapid pace.  His wise-cracking friend Derrick is always at his side.  Adored by the people of Delmar, though not so much by his comrades, Aidan basks in the glow of his newfound fame.  But just as he is about to realize his dream of becoming a knight, Aidan is exiled from Delmar for helping a baby dragon.  He is later brutally murdered by Norvin.

But for Aidan, death was only the beginning.

He awakens three thousand years later, horrified by his now ghastly appearance and strange new powers.  The dragon he saved, Iskandor, now full grown, has watched over him the entire time.  The dragon informs Aidan that the world is now consumed by evil – Sirak, an ancient being who had once been banished to the Netherrealm, has made use of an ancient ritual that changed the people of the world into the undead Ther-lor, city by city.  With the help of a time-traveling apprentice wizard named Timor, Aidan must travel back to his own time and try to stop this evil from ever happening.  Along the way, he will unite with old friends and new allies who will help him on his quest.  The alliance is fragile, but Iskandor does his best to hold it together.

But Aidan is angry and bitter after an exile that he feels was unjust.  Will all that anger force Aidan to realize that he really doesn’t want to save the world?

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