Abolition of Evil - thriller by Ted Richardson

Abolition of Evil by Ted Richardson

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They are the richest family in America that nobody has ever heard of, with a net worth of over $100 billion.  Their privately held company has secretly been shaping public opinion and influencing elections for decades—and eliminating politicians who stand in their way.  They are finally on the verge of achieving their lifelong goal: a covert takeover of the United States government.  But the potential revelation of a centuries-old family secret threatens to sabotage their subversive plans.

Meanwhile, Matt Hawkins discovers lost field notes written by Meriwether Lewis during the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition. In them, Lewis claims a seemingly impossible discovery.  Hawkins follows a trail of clues—from the Spanish conquistadors to a legendary tribe of invincible black Indians to the hallowed halls of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  His pursuit of the truth leads him out of the past and headlong into the center of a modern-day political conspiracy—whose outcome just might determine the fate of America’s democracy.