Fatless - a thick romance by Tricia Bischoff

Fatless - a thick romance by Tricia Bischoff

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Something bad has happened to Tiola every birthday, starting in her late teens. This year is no different. On the way to her car after leaving a bar, Tiola is kidnapped. The 28-year-old, plus-size woman wakes up the next morning and finds herself in a large room with mirrored walls, and she’s naked…completely naked.

As far as bad birthdays go, this one’s definitely in the top three, but even if he killed her, it wouldn’t be her worst.

The kidnapper’s identity remains secret for some time, as he speaks to her through a loudspeaker in the ceiling, with his first resounding command being, “Get your lard-ass up and look at yourself.”

He proceeds to tell Tiola that he has taken her to have her lose weight with the program he created especially with her in mind.  Caring or crazy?  A large part of his design has her watching videos from a website called tafyps.com, where men across the country have secretly filmed large women in awkward and humiliating situations, a place where, “Most of the women weighed between 250 and 400 pounds.  You couldn’t really find one under 200 pounds, and if they were much bigger than 400, it cost extra.”

Tiola is made to diet, exercise, and watch videos of the worst moments of her life, situations created by her food addiction and obesity that she had no idea were caught on film and sold to those who knew the secret URL.

She is held captive for a year, and during that time changes take place that are far more important than her size.