High Hopes by Sue Lilley

High Hopes by Sue Lilley

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Grace, Sam and Dixie have known each other forever. Sam and Dixie got married and they all lived happily ever after. Or did they?

Grace has a secret. Pregnant after a drunken one-night stand with Sam, she gave up her baby girl for adoption. A penniless student with no family to support her, she convinced herself it was best for everyone. And condemned herself to twenty years of guilt.

Her love-life has been a disaster. She married in haste and ended up divorced. Now, approaching forty with a sense of failure and dread, she receives a letter out of the blue. Her daughter has traced her and wants to meet. More than anything, Grace wants to see her, to explain that what she did was an act of love. But how can she do that without confessing to Sam? He and Dixie have a son and confessing to a secret baby now will put his family in jeopardy. How could their lifelong friendship survive such a betrayal? Yet Grace has no choice.

She visits their home in Cornwall to break the news in person. But Dixie and Sam are caught up in their own dilemmas. Distracted by Danny, a sexy odd-job man, Grace finds it ever more impossible to say anything as the week edges towards her dreaded milestone birthday.

Then more shocking revelations toss the family into turmoil. The jigsaw is smashed and the pieces scattered forever on the wind. But someone unexpected holds the solution.

Buy now and discover what happens next in this engrossing saga. The perfect page-turner if you don't mind being late for work.