The Wager by Christine Young

The Wager by Christine Young

Sent to London to find a husband...

Amorica Hepburn and her two cousins made a wager. No one, not even the beloved Duchess could make them wed a dandy who cared only for himself. The trio vowed to resist the debutante balls and recitals, intending to enjoy the pleasures of riding, swimming and hunting. However, despite her best efforts, she could not deny the all-consuming lust she felt for a man she needed to keep at a distance.

Trusting an emerald-eyed spitfire...

Damian Andrews kept a secret that if discovered could lead to his death. Never in his wildest dreams could he believe the woman of his dreams would discover this secret. In knowing what he did on the wild coast of Dover, her life was also at stake. He must find a way to keep this headstrong beauty safe, from himself as well as the authorities.

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