A Life Experience As No Other; Dare to Seize The Day by Jenni and Jeffrey Lazarow

A Life Experience As No Other; Dare to Seize The Day by Jenni and Jeffrey Lazarow

We thought we were free until we began living on the road…then we became at least, relatively free.

Are you comfortable with the turmoil in the world? Of course not. Would you like to change it? Probably. Can you? No. Are you completely satisfied with your life…fulfilled? Can you improve it? Of course you can. Don’t worry about the world; rather, 'fix' yourself and the world will be an improved place.

We cannot and are unable to offer advice to anyone. But we mention what we have done over the last 7 years which has enhanced our lives beyond our wildest expectations. We chose to ignore the chaos surrounding us. Got out the rut, removed ourselves from the channel that traps us all from time-to-time. Took charge. Changed our routines, our environment and mostly, altered our attitudes. We seek to make each day or at least, each period an adventure. Find your passion. Grasp your passion and you’ll discover your purpose. With purpose you have a plan to attack life, to attack the day, to seize the moment. Carpe Diem.

“Who cares about your early history, and even more so, you aren’t famous, so why would anyone want to read about another two people of billions of world citizens?”

A fair question and comment—we would be the first to admit. However, we think that’s the whole point. Our journey is not about our formative years, but rather, focuses on two houseless, mid-sixty-year-olds hiking and climbing mountains in different parts of the world. More importantly, we believe it allows more people to relate to who we are and our adventure. Ultimately, it might be a way of motivating a person to follow his/her passion.

We have been without a permanent physical home for the period but have shared a metaphysical one throughout, creating opportunities to experience life on the road, in the wilds and of course, on mountains and volcanoes. We suppose what might make the adventure a little unusual is that we are middle-aged, have lived mostly conservative lives, (always a few quirks along the way though), but had developed a desire to seek freedom from routine, to explore our magnificent planet as well as face challenges, mostly physical, as part of our daily lives. One of the critical motivational factors was a realization, obvious but often ignored, that our time on Earth was diminishing...quickly. We decided by the end of our days we want to be able to limit the number of “should haves, could haves...”.

Carpe Diem, seize the day.