Denial of Credit - a mystery drama by Peter Rowlands

Denial of Credit - a mystery drama by Peter Rowlands

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Suppose you were asked to ghost-write the autobiography of a top executive, but you started to find out things about him that he’d prefer to keep quiet? Suppose you can’t find the original writer, and you start to wonder why he backed out? But suppose somebody seems ready to go to any lengths to stop you digging any further?

All this happens to journalist Mike Stanhope, and before he knows it he’s lunging headlong into danger. And while all this happening, his relationship with his girlfriend is at a crossroads. He wants to make it work, but the prospect of a beguiling new relationship has him questioning everything.

Denial of Credit brims with three-dimensional characters, lively dialog and a series of surprises. Mike’s life lunges towards a crisis on all fronts as the story approaches its explosive climax.

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