A Mermaid's Kiss, an erotic paranormal romance by Joey W. Hill

A Mermaid's Kiss, an erotic paranormal romance by Joey W. Hill

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Anna is a mermaid destined to live only until the age of 21, thanks to the curse of the Daughters of Arianne. However, all Daughters of Arianne share a special trait. Sometime before that 21st year, they will save a man from the sea, and bear his child. Anna has reached the age of 20 without even having the pleasure of a passionate kiss. But all that's about to change, when an angel falls from the sky with one severed wing and a world of darkness inside his heart and soul.

Jonah has been the Prime Legion Commander for the Goddess for centuries. He is sick of war and death and saying good-bye to the soldiers under his command. His friends, his family. Maybe that's why he had a careless moment that allowed an enemy to strike the blow that severed his wing.

Anna has every reason to hate and resent her life, but all she wants is to experience love before it ends. Jonah needs to find love before he loses his soul.

From the author: When I wrote this story, I expected it to be a romance, a sensual love story with an awesome good-versus-evil climactic battle involving mermaids, angels and bad guys. I didn’t expect it also would be an emotional exploration into how we deal with love and loss, regrets, and how we should live every moment of our life with a deep understanding of how precious it can be, no matter what challenges we face. It became an important theme throughout the trilogy. I hope you enjoy taking that journey with these characters.

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