SMART HEALTH: What Today's Doctors Aren't Telling You by Dr. Craig Koehler

SMART HEALTH: What Today's Doctors Aren't Telling You by Dr. Craig Koehler

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How Important is Your Health?

The older we get, the more concern we have for our health, as it should be! In today's fast paced Health Care world, patients are not taught how to be healthy. In the US almost 70% of us are on prescription medications, and almost 70% of us are considered medically "overweight," and more than 1/3rd are considered obese, and the numbers keep climbing!

If drugs and medications were the answer to improving our health, then why is the US ranked #33 in Health out of all developed countries? I grew up a sickly child, I know what it's like to live dependent on medications and I know that Big Pharma has got a Death Grip on our nation.
Reading this book, you will learn:

* Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer are Killing us! Find out their Hidden Causes
* The Dangers of Pain Killers
* How you can Easily Lose Weight Without all the Struggle
* The Secrets of Living a Healthy Life Full of Energy

You will learn about the hidden dangers, and the secrets, to improving your Health that your Doctor is not telling you. Knowledge is Power but, you must be able to put it into practice and make it work for you and your Lifestyle. The 4 biggest killers today are: Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity, all lifestyle based.

Healthy body, isn't that what you really want? I have studied Health for 40 years, working one on one with patients for 30 years and I haven't been on an antibiotic in 25 years. You can and will improve your health needing less Doctor visits, and get OFF unnecessary medications. Follow the advice in these pages of this book and allow me to help you.

Lastly, what exactly is stopping you from taking back control over your own health? Pay attention to your body now, because one day, your health may depend upon it! Now, Scroll to the top and click the "buy now" button, and I will see you on the other side.